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In the early morning hours, the first shutters open on the beautiful little palaces, that line up in the streets of Rome. Coffee is already brewing in the bars, and the Gucci saleswoman is on her way to the store in
Via Condotti. Meanwhile, at the foot of the Spanish Steps, the first groups of travellers arrive to marvel at the sight of the historic church, Trinità dei Monti.

All of these and many more grand impressions are available to travellers who stay at one of the most beautiful and historically rich luxury hotels in Rome, the «Hotel Hassler».
Perched above the Spanish Steps, the city's most famous hotel offers breathtaking views of the Eternal City and its seven hills. Each area of the hotel is characterised by exceptional, luxurious interiors. They all reflect the distinctive touch of its former owner and director, Roberto E. Wirth.

Let us take you behind the façade of this extraordinary hotel and let the magic of the «Hassler» enchant - and inspire you to plan a memorable stay in Rome!

Warm wishes

Martin V. Sampedrano Gonzalez

Rooms and Suites

The Hassler offers its guests a total of 85 luxurious rooms of various categories and 15 elegant suites. The interiors of all the rooms are truly impressive. Colours, shapes and layouts vary. Some of them are decorated in sunny shades of orange, others in fresh shades of blue or even darker tones. Throughout, there is a mix of modern and classical elements. Harmony plays an important role in the design of the rooms and suites.
The luxurious fabrics used for the bed linen, curtains, walls, sofas, chairs and carpets have been carefully selected. The furnishings are largely antique pieces, complemented by bespoke reproductions in the style of various periods. Most of the walls are covered with the finest brocade.

The impressive «Trinita dei Monti Suite», one of the most beautiful hotel suites in Europe, is located on the 5th floor. As the name suggests, this is an elegant and luxurious accommodation. With a direct view of the adjacent church of the same name, it lives up to its prestigious title. Luxurious design elements and the finest materials, from fabrics to marble, add to its opulence. The One Bedroom Suite has a total of five balconies with a unique view of the «Città Eterna», the eternal city.
One of the most magnificent suites is the elegant Penthouse on the 7th floor. Its outdoor terrace offers a breathtaking panoramic view over the rooftops of Rome and covers an impressive area of approximately 165 m².


Gourmet Cuisine

For many regular guests it is always an experience, and for newcomers it is a fascinating adventure. We are talking about the «Imàgo» Rooftop Restaurant. Located on the sixth floor of the hotel, it is a stunning gourmet haven in an elegant setting. It offers a unique panoramic view of the city's rooftops. From here, guests can admire all of Rome's famous landmarks from above. In the evening, the «thousand lights of the city» make a perfect dinner at «Imàgo» an unforgettable experience.
Some of the world's most famous personalities spend their time in Rome at Hotel Hassler, many of whom have become avid fans of the specialities created by Hassler's chef Andrea Antonini.

The «Salone Eva» welcomes both locals and hotel guests in splendour. Named after a young lady whose statue is placed in the salon, this venue for culinary delights, from breakfast to lunch and dinner, offers an elegant setting for stylish encounters with refined cuisine.
Adjacent to the Salon is the Hassler Bar, a cosy and intimate cocktail bar, perfect for an aperitif or after-dinner drink. Surrounded by dark wood, red leather armchairs and gilded mirrors, the glamorous atmosphere is reminiscent of the stylish glamour of the late 1940s.
Europe's royalty, film stars, politicians and artists frequent the hotel. Princess Diana once confided to Roberto E. Wirth that she had enjoyed the best Bellini in the world here, although she found it hard to resist the house creation, the Veruschka, made with pomegranate juice and Italian sparkling wine.
In the lush green courtyard of Hotel Hassler, the «Palm Court» unfolds during the summer months. This enchanting space becomes the heart of the house during the warm season. Here you can enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks in the shade. Amphorae filled with fresh, fragrant plants and flowers line the walls of the courtyard, forming a straight line to the boundaries of the Borghese Gardens.


Amorvero Spa

The hotel's sporty guests will have plenty of opportunities to keep active during their stay in Rome. In addition to numerous jogging paths through the Villa Borghese park and past the Villa Medici, the hotel offers its guests an exclusive fitness area and the «Amorvero Spa». Here, guests can work out on state-of-the-art fitness equipment while enjoying a unique view over Rome. A steam bath and sauna are also available.
During the sunny months, the adjoining terrace overlooking the Spanish Steps invites guest to linger. In addition to the amenities of the Amorvero Spa, guests also have access to one of the city's finest hairdressing salons, Rossano Ferretti.

 A Tribute to Roberto E. Wirth

He was a man who captivated others. And there is a fascinating story behind his name. His personality is legendary, and his contribution to the international hospitality industry is truly impressive. For over 40 years, Roberto E. Wirth led his wonderful hotel above the Spanish Steps. It is one of the few top-class luxury hotels to remain in private ownership to this day.
Roberto's career began with an excellent education at the Hotel School in Stresa, Italy, and the prestigious School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA. He also gained extensive experience in luxury hotels abroad. Last but not least is the solid family background of the Wirth family, which has been passionately involved in the hospitality industry for six generations.
Returning to Rome in 1978 after stints in Boston, San Francisco, Honolulu, and Geneva, Roberto also worked as a consultant for a restaurant in Japan and two others in Taiwan. Under his leadership, the «Hassler» was maintained with meticulous attention to detail, personal commitment, and superlative service, resembling like a private residence.
He was the only hotel owner in the world born deaf to succeed in such a communicative profession. With iron discipline, initiative and hard work, he learned to speak almost normally from an early age in specialised schools. He could read lips in Italian and English.
For me personally, he was an inspiration from the very beginning. A person with so much heart, sensitivity, character and humour. Roberto E. Wirth and I met in 2002, when I was the world's youngest hotel journalist at the age of 16. He became aware of me through a newspaper article and invited me to Rome. This attention was a great honour for me. During my time in Rome we got to know each other better. His unwavering love for this house was overwhelming.
Since that first encounter, I understood what true passion is and what it looks like. What passion can ignite in a person - and the remarkable developments it can lead to. Roberto supported me as one of the first hotel directors in my early days as a hotel journalist. I sincerely thank him for his belief in me and the unforgettable conversations we had. His sudden passing in 2022 deeply affected many, including myself. A special person left us much too soon.

Now his two children, Veruschka and Roberto Jr, continue to steer the destiny of the legendary Hotel Hassler, representing the previously mentioned sixth generation of this venerable hotelier family. Together they will proudly uphold the memory of their father and compose their own story.


A hotel can be a home away from home. A place that invites you to arrive, to feel at home, to linger and to feel like you are in the right place at the right time. Those who stay at the Hassler will understand what I mean, because this hotel is such a place! Luxurious, classically elegant, with an impressive gourmet kitchen, perfectly situated. What adds to the special atmosphere is the benevolent spirit that Roberto E. Wirth instilled in the establishment, which has been preserved as a tribute to him and his contributions, while maintaining a high standard of quality.

In a world of ever more luxurious hotels, it is the people (both in front of and behind the scenes) who make the difference. You will experience the perfect blend of hospitality and warmth at this hotel, and I have no doubt that you will be as enchanted as I am. Here, above the Spanish Steps, a special hotelier's expertise is offered! It is an experience that I would like to wish to all of you from the bottom of my heart!

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